In the Community

In partnership with the Metropolitan Police, the City of London Police and industry experts, the Centre delivers a number of masterclasses, workshops and personal consultations across London. Each event targets specific areas of digital security that will enhance your ability to operate in a secure digital environment and help your business to innovate and grow.

  • We work with officers from the Metropolitan Police Service and the City of London Police, to engage with businesses in your place of work and to conduct risk assessments of the business’ current digital security practices, and to provide guidance and support to enrich your security posture.
  • We host security masterclasses for businesses demonstrating how your existing controls can be circumvented (maliciously and inadvertently).
  • We host security ‘kickstarters’ to support businesses to implement security controls.
  • We support trade bodies to raise awareness of digital security amongst their members.
  • We support businesses, of all sizes, to raise awareness of digital security amongst staff and customers.
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In the community - London Digital Security Centre