The London Digital Security Centre (the Centre) operates Strategic, Alliance and Product partnerships. These three partnership programmes allow us to cooperate with carefully selected organisations that share our goals.


The Strategic Partner Programme (SPP), for the UK’s leading organisations

The SPP is the framework by which the Centre works with some of the UK’s leading organisations, who share our goals to help businesses stay safe and grow online.

Strategic partners work closely with the Centre through a combination of activities to reach, inform and have an evidence-based positive impact on the digital footprint of thousands of businesses, especially small and medium sized businesses.

Strategic Partners are invited to work with the Centre to deliver digital security programmes to specific businesses nominated by the Strategic Partner.  This is mutually beneficial, for example:

  • The Strategic Partner is seen to deliver measurable improvement in digital security for the businesses it has nominated.
  • The Centre can accelerate delivery of its mission by engaging directly with the businesses nominated by the Strategic Partner.

The Strategic Partner Programme is focused on delivery and outcomes that support the Centre’s mission.

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The Alliance Partnership Programme (APP), for security vendors supporting our Membership

The APP is the framework by which the Centre works with a small group of security vendors to deliver Membership services and other core offerings.

Alliance Partners provide a range of services through the Centre, both complimentary and commercial, to help businesses protect their digital footprint and grow online.

The Alliance Partners are:

  • Invested in working with the Centre, support our mission and objectives, and are aligned to our values.
  • Have a formal relationship with the Centre to provide both complimentary and paid for services to the Centre’s membership.
  • Help the Centre to drive the membership programme and attract new joiners as well as support the Centre’s delivery of its mission.
  • Have a “many to many” relationship with the other Alliance Partners for mutual benefit.
  • Support the Centre through regular meetings and communications to share expert subject matter knowledge and help the Centre grow in its capability and reach.

For more information, please contact Chris Diogenous, at


The Product Partnership Programme (PPP), for carefully selected security vendors

The PPP is the framework by which the Centre works with carefully selected security vendors to highlight the products and services businesses need to protect their digital assets as they grow online.

Product Partners offer commercial solutions that feature on the Centre’s MarketPlace.  We work with Product Partners to help businesses to identify, acquire and implement the best services to protect themselves from online threats.

Product Partners must be leaders in their area, of good repute and financially sound. Typically, they have won several awards for their product offerings. Partners engage with us professionally and contribute each year towards our activities. The annual selection process includes desk research and panel interviews.

We promote our Partners in numerous ways, working together to reach tens of thousands of businesses including through our Product Marketplace, Media activity, Seminars and Events.

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