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Adaptive Email Security

Protect your busiest communication channel from cyber-attacks and sensitive data leaks with an award-winning email security product.

APMG Online Cyber Security Training
APMG International

41% of security incidents are caused by internal breaches and errors. Mitigate, GCHQ-approved training, reduces this risk by educating staff and...

Assuria Protective Monitoring Service
Assuria Ltd

SME's need proven cyber defences to reduce business risk and meet tough GDPR and other compliance needs, but at prices they can afford.


91% of a cyber-attacks begin with a phishing email. Organisations need to train their staff to identify and defend against these threats.

Breach Simulation for Executives
Cyber Rescue

To protect reputation & revenues, leaders must be ready to lead recovery through the cascade of commercial consequences that follow a breach.

APMG International

Faced with evolving threats and escalating risks, the traditional reliance on passive compliance assessments is not sufficient. These are frequently...


The legacy, single-point solution approach to cyber defence is not working. Businesses are losing billions. Cognition, easily implemented, provides...

Continuous Perimeter Security

8,000 new vulnerabilities get discovered every year, more than 20 a day. But most companies don't have time to check their security on a daily basis.

Cyber Essentials

Government backed certification for small companies to show they have key technical controls to protect against common internet threats

Cyber Essentials
APMG International

The majority of cyber attacks exploit basic weaknesses in your IT systems and software. Cyber Essentials shows you how to address and prevent the...

Cyber Security Audit

To effectively manage risk, organisations of all sizes need to understand where and how they are vulnerable to cyber attack.

Data Insurance

Cyber solutions live, user training completed, but data loss threats still exists, Data Protection with Data Insurance counters this threat

Data Protection Services

Protecting business systems & data from technical failures, cyber-attacks & insider risks, whilst improving user collaboration & compliance

TrapX Security

We help prevent small businesses from being the weakest cyber link in the 3rd party supply chain and help prevent them from becoming victims of...

e2e-assure SOC-as-a-Service

Protect your critical assets from cyber attacks and GDPR breaches with our 24/7 SOC-as-a-service. Continuous security monitoring and active response...

BAE Systems

Email is still the single largest entry point for cyber risk. Users need more support than a written policy asking them to be vigilant.


Software and systems must be fundamentally and inherently secure to protect against current and importantly, future threats.

Free Secure IT Disposal
Sims Recycling

Protect your data we offer collection, data erasure, reuse and recycling of your IT assets that is 100% compliant, secure and sustainable.

GDPR Advisory
Xcina Consulting

GDPR is a regulatory requirement which affects all businesses handling personally identifiable data. This regulation impacts everyone.

Human Phishing Defence Solutions

PhishMe helps small and mid-sized businesses combat the phishing email threat by transforming humans into active security sensors.


SMEs seek a trusted, integrated platform to provide affordable, robust, future-proof & proactive cyber-security protection across all assets.


New vulnerabilities pop up all the time. You need constant intelligence to discover them, prioritize remediation for your business, and confirm your...


Ransomware is the number one malware attack affecting organisations. Sophos Intercept X works to prevent malicious encryption of data.

SME's need to demonstrate they can be trusted by customers. We've built a secure info sec cloud based service for them to do just that.

London Data Destruction Centre
Data Eliminate Ltd

Eradicates the risks posed by sensitive data held on end of life computers, smart phones, hard drives and other electronic assets.


Small businesses need to focus on what matters most & understand which actions deliver the greatest reduction in risk from vulnerabilities.

Performanta Security Services

Businesses choose to work with Performanta because of our breadth of services, industry knowledge and our independence.


Your people are your greatest defence against cyber-attacks. Use simple and effective awareness learning to stay vigilant and resilient.

Risk Assessment Tool

SME's worry about cyber attacks but have limited people, time and money. They need pro-level security advice, delivered simply, on demand.

Securonix UEBA

Get ahead of Insider Threats and Cyber Attacks with predictive Threat Detection across Users and Entities.

YUDU Sentinel

When an attack impacts your primary systems Sentinel provides an independent document and communication channel to all mobile devices

Smishing Assessment
The AntiSocial Engineer Limited

Our pioneering smishing campaigns test your organisational susceptibility to malicious smishing text messages. We provide staff click rates advanced...

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP)

Superior protection that fuses technologies in a multi-layered fashion. High-performance, single client, single management console across physical...

Symphonic Suite

Opening up data and systems to customers or third parties needs to be managed to be safe and at the same time easy for trusted partners.

Total Endpoint Protection Platform

Cybereason ensures that companies secure their networks against cyberattacks and reverses the hacker advantage in the connected, digital world.

Unified Security Service (USS)

Cloud Security without Compromise - Integrated Web Security, Email Security, CASB and Multi-Factor Authentication


Yoti is the easiest way to prove your identity online and in person. Use Yoti to know your customers and protect your business from fraud.


The YubiKey facilitates Strong 2 Factor Authentication, eliminates the weaknesses of Username and Password and is effective against Phishing and MTM...

ZoneFox AI

ZoneFox provides 360 visibility around data flow that security teams need to protect sensitive information against the insider threat.

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